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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


Communication on different levels

It is my experience that I a boundless human being, although I can set a limit more or less clearly.

The skin is not a definitive boarder although it apparently looks like. The entire body is receiving, transmitting and communicating through vibrations, throughout all organs, also the great skin-organ. Words, feelings, sensations, sounds, smells, touch, sight are vibrations that initiates vibrations in all organs including muscle, vessels, connective tissue, brain-organ. All organs vibrate. A human consists basically of vibrating atoms. Think of vibrations as ripples in water, and think of humans, which consist mainly of water. In this understanding we may be touched, hurt and shaken in many different ways, boundlessly. The wound is in what we call our personality that is an energetic and vibrational understanding our entire body. This is why we produce different symptoms, and are healed in many different ways.

It is also my experience that I am able to recognize and sometimes even merge myself with different people, like what is expressed in words, emotions and actions. And sometimes I may express what I sense and inquire if what I sense is what I sense. If it is true where is then the border between two humans? Is it a matter of crossing a boundary? Is it my boundary which is crossed because the other persons emits vibrations which my sensitive system picks up, or is it the other person’s boundary, because I sense him? It is my impression that both of us are sensing the same stuff simultaneously and it does not necessarily belong to one or the other. It belongs to a collective common field of experiences and memories: a field of common human wisdom. Who is then responsible for the sensations? To me it is the one who is aware of the sensation who has the responsibility, otherwise it becomes difficult to communicate, because we can only trust our own sensations, although they may not entirely belong to me in the situation. The other or the others have another responsibility, which is about a willingness to listen into the collective field, and try to understand and recognize what is communicated, either in the present situation or from past memories, or perhaps from a previous likewise situation where they themselves were the conscious receiver of sensations. It could be named empathy. It is a willingness to understand, empathize and perhaps forgive by giving peace to ourselves, as boundless sentient human beings. In this way I believe that we may be able to release some problems in the common collective field of similar experiences and actions, which are a part of our common human history. It frees the soul, the loving nature we also are, "the new-born baby", which sometimes is stuck in personal stories of quilt shame and trauma. In this understanding the soul is to me boundless energy and consciousness, which is within each human from the moment we were created.

It is also about respectful communication, in a way we have not been taught and perhaps not are doing for many good reasons. Respectful communication is especially important when we undertake an authoritarian role as a doctor, teacher, leader, lawyer, parent indeed every time other people show us confidence. It could also be about expectations not just on the verbal level, but also on the more powerful and vulnerable non-verbal level. The situations were we might find ourselves hurt and wounded. For me it is healthy to take the responsibility and express own boundaries and needs, then we can all do our best to compromise in one way or another. I would call this bridging without being a gangway, a pontoon bridge, or a one-way bridge. Everyday life isn’t always that easy, so this approach could be useful, whenever there is a conflict, where someone is experiencing being hurt, shaken or wounded.

The photo is by Amanda Sage

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