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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


Blood pressure

Speaking about blood pressure whether it is too high or too low, is a bit like measuring an elastic, -highly variable by nature. To assess whether something is too high, it must be compared with something which is stable. However, it is difficult to find something that is stable, since our body is continuosly changing.

If we look at the blood pressure, it is a mirror of our different states of being. It changes with different forms of activity and emotions such as frustration, anger, laughter, excitement and so on. There are many different factors, which make our blood pressure rise and fall, in fact, uncountable many. So how to say that a blood pressure is too high or too low, and compared to what? What do we compare our blood pressure with, is it with our own state of being, or is it with the body of a stranger, and in which state of being and doing are they right now?

Furthermore, which value of a blood pressure is truly normal? Is it normal to be inactive or active? Is it normal to be emotional and passionate or detached from that which evoke emotions? You may be skinny with a high blood pressure as well overweighted with a low blood pressure, so what is truly normal?

Why, do so many people worry about the blood pressure? It seems to me that worries arise from stories and studies of people who had a specific value of blood pressure and a simultaneous incident, such as a stroke or heart failure. However, we do not know, if these two incidents are interconnected directly as cause and effect. If we knew their personal stories, like what was pressurizing them emotionally and physically in order to increase their blood pressure, we may understand why their blood pressure is increased at that specific time. We may eventually also understand why their body is responding with stroke or heart failure. We may try to treat the blood pressure with medication, we may also choose to relate to the emotions and behaviors that evoked the response and increased the blood pressure. It is all about physics and chemistry, awareness and compassion.

As a result of the stories, we tell ourself and each other, many people are taking medical treatment for their blood pressure, in believing that it may prevent death and diseases. This is merely an assumption. There are so many factors that lead to stroke, heart failure, and death. How many different pills should we take in an attempt to prevent a theoretical probability of the occurrence of a specific incident? It is quite troublesome and who knows, perhaps blood-pressurizing to think about.

Many people already take several forms of medications. Blood thinners and cholesterol-lowering drugs in addition to blood pressure–lowering medication. How do these different drugs in fact interact in a body and mind that are so complex and changing as previously described? Many people dare not stop taking their medications, as they imagine that their blood pressure will increase. Probably it may be so transiently, eventually, caused by the fear of the act itself. So, it takes courage to let go of preventive medication as well as different belief systems. We could ask ourselves what do we avoid facing by taking preventive medication?

We could examine whether there is something, which causes our system to be pressurized that we need to be aware of and if possible, change. If we experience complete peacefulness within, would we then be able to measure a stable value for our unique blood pressure? Probably, at least for a while, but sooner or later we are touched and move on, and so does our blood pressure. Life is about being presently aware and keep on living, while accepting our different states of being throughout the day, year, and lifetime, and that includes as well our changing blood pressure.

In general, I would say; let go of unnecessarily worries about the present blood pressure, it may even increase it. Let go of measuring it without having a very specific reason.

Well, this could be said about any human state of being.

A chapter from the book " Holistic Health"

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