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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


"Nothing is wrong....."

Perhaps you have experienced feeling ill with unexplainable pain and symptoms?

You are looking for advices and help, and you may be examined with all possible kind of tests, which you find necessary, yet there is still no explanation and the inexplicable symptom continues.

Being sick and feeling sick is naturally worrying and frustrating for most people, and it may in itself maintain the discomfort, since the awareness are almost constantly directed towards the discomfort and insecurity.

Uneasiness, doubts, worries and frustrations bring the body in a state of tension and it often enhances the symptoms where the focus already is: on the symptom. Therefore, an enhancement or maintenance of illness that appears to occur out of the blue can easily arise if there aren’t any visible or measurable or explainable causes.

Diagnostic clarification is what many people hope for, so that they may get an immediate understanding of the condition and with it an expectation of an appropriate help, and perhaps an explanation they can use for themselves and also to their surroundings, which may be even more worried and perhaps even more impatient in order to get “the answer”.

“The answer” rarely exists. Without visible measurable findings related to the symptoms, many people are often left on their own, often with a sense of being alone, if the surroundings do not understand that suffering is still going also without a clear diagnosis and measurable findings. Such a lack of understanding may further exacerbate the condition unless we know by heart and trust that it is only ourselves who sense what we sense. Therefor there are no general guidelines to tell us "What to do."

We can learn to listen inward and notice what we are thinking and feeling about what we are sensing and try out what seems to be a soothing way and what may worsen the condition, and most of all find the courage and the strength to stand by it and live by it.

Diagnosis is only a tool. It is extremely rare that a human's symptoms fit as a foot into the hose into a specific diagnostic box. Therefore, increasingly many people now get several different diagnoses, and the diagnosis are constantly changing and expanding.

Diagnoses are medical created concepts used to describe some symptoms and with them perhaps some visible and measurable physiological changes. It's a way to describe what we see so that we can understand it and communicate it with our concepts to colleagues. Therefore, diagnoses can also be a hindrance if the person is meant to fit into the diagnosis and not vice versa. Truly it is the individual's symptoms that are decisive not whether the person fits into our diagnostic system. What we may call it is less interesting. It is more interesting why people are having these symptoms, and then try to alleviate the symptoms. It is rarely enough to entirely examine the physical and maybe visible and eventually measurable symptoms. It is also essential to relate to the invisible non-measurable human condition, such as our emotional life and our way of relating and being in the world.

To you who may suffer from failing of not fitting into a diagnosis box, you are by no means alone !!!

You are either not “wrong” in the sense that there is no mistake with you, despite your symptoms cannot be measured and weighed by someone outside you.

Instead, you could “think out of the box, and be true to yourself and explore other options that are good for you and your physical symptoms.

What feels good in the body is not always what feels good to the "reasonable mind, and sometimes you have to start with a gentle compromise and at other times you must surrender completely to what brings peace throughout the entire body when it speaks its clear and painful language. From there, healing can begin.

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