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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


Separation and integration of the human body

A natural process in human development is to seek to understand life including the human body. The understanding of man began with a schematic drawing and later on we added an energetic understanding of the body and now it includes a mechanical, physical and psychological understanding. During this developmental process of exploring and understanding the human body, we have immersed ourselves in the detail and at the same time moved in different directions. One direction has immersed itself in the physical, another in the philosophical, psychological, social and energetic direction. All directions are contributing to our understanding of the human body as an entity.

During this development of awareness about ourselves, we are separating ourselves from our surroundings so that we can see and understand what we currently are focusing on, and to better understand what we have been distancing ourselves from in the long run. So it is with the development of Science according to the understanding of the human body. All parts of the body has been separated, a process that has given science a great knowledge about the body organs and mechanisms right down to the cell and on a molecular level. This process of separation is also reflected in the exterior in the division of health services into different specialties.

It is natural to distance ourselves from the place we come from, in order to better understand where we are right now, as when the child gradually grows from his parents and explore life, and as the adult begins to understand himself or herself. It is a natural process of becoming more conscious to distance our self more or less or perhaps completely from the place we came from until we begin again to discover that everything is related and to the fact that everything is connected and that all that was taken distance from, remains a part of it all, and a prerequisite for the place we stand today. This applies for the industrial, technological, physical and personal development.

According to our bodily understanding, “the story of separation” can be described symbolic from "the wisdom of the East" to "the science of the West. In "the story of integration"we have returned to the point of beginning in a new and wiser form. In a way the present has caught up with the past and vice versa, so everything appears as an ever changing and transforming entity.

Our common human knowledge, including the wisdom of mystery and science in its different directions, has, in its quest for the understanding of the human body, moved from the schematic and the energetic understanding to the discovery of the individual organs and cells, finally discovering the atom which in its smallest detail turns out to be a vibrating unit of energy. An invisible energy, which our human eye turns into form and by this is facilitating separation in order to understand the invisible that in fact is inseparable in to the core.

Along the way, we happened to lose ourselves in the detail by the explanation such as there is a single organ which is wrong, or a simple chemical process that is the cause, or a single person who is the culprit and so on. In this way, we may easily lose track of the interconnectedness of everything also the body, mind, spirit and relations.

It may make good sense to reintroduce the old knowledge of the body's energy systems, the chakras, whereby the individual organs are connected in selected areas of the body, so that it become easier to understand how they influence each other energetic. It also involves an energetic way of thinking about everything's connectedness.

The individual chakras are also connected, but entirely separating ourselves into energetic chakras gives an incomplete picture, even though it may be a path until we have rebuilt and united ourselves, and once again experiences our self as sentient beings in an inseparable human body, which are under influence of our higher consciousness and the instincts of our physical body. Once we get there, we may understand the physical and psychological symptoms as imbalances that cause temporary distress and discomfort, and intuitively we may choose to follow our higher consciousness and follow what we know is necessary to re-establish a balance in body and mind, or perhaps realize that the time in the physical body is about to run out taking this knowledge into account.

It can be a simple and less anxious approach to life where we let go of unnecessary worries and pains that may come along. At the same time it includes the detailed scientific knowledge of the individual organs' physics and mechanics, since from this awareness we know what is needed from outside in order to help restoring the balance within. We also know that chemicals are energetic devices that affect the entire body, and therefore must be used with caution as with anything else we consume. It also includes today's rediscovery of various ancient forms of treatment and the new ones, which have followed, in addition to simple interpersonal meetings, since at an energetic point of view, everything can brings healing when conveyed in the right doses to the right person at the right time. Everything is needed in the new integrative world.

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