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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


Life affirmations

.....An undeniable inner-knowing that everything is interconnected through a unified field - and is accessible to all of us. Forever transformed by that moment ......

This is quoted from the astronaut Edgar Mitchel's experience during his journey to the moon. Subsequently, he changed from being an explorer of the outer space to an explorer of the inner space.

Such a moment of inner knowing about everything's interconnectedness changes us forever.

I know it, since I have experienced it and I meet and hear about other people who have experienced something similar also in the meeting with others.

After such a realisation there is no longer a need to prove or confirm that life is like this you know it. Everything is interconnected. All is one.

Who am I then? It may be the next question that arises and with it perhaps a need to be confirmed in our unique physical existence in different ways from time to time, because we are still unique beings.

Oneness and interconnectedness is often conveyed through words, writing, images, sound and more, still it is realised from within, even though it may be mirrored from the outside. Realising our interconnectedness makes it easier to begin living in that spirit and with the knowledge that everything and all are connected.

This inner knowing may also grow through a greater awareness of what we think, say, feel and do, because sooner or later it returns to ourselves as a reflection of our own way of being and living or in others' behaviour and in our surrounding environment. It is an increasingly loving awareness about what happens inside us and around us without blaming and shaming when we fall asleep once again during this lifelong process.

Drowsiness may easily occur since we have built up a culture and a society that is largely based on external guidance, and so we often seek evidence and confirmation of our existence outside ourselves, and often in the form of some specific answers and expectations that rarely exist or can be fulfilled.

If we stand still in the midst of everyday turmoil, perhaps forced by unpredictable life events, allowing us to listen inward, we may find new and simple answers about life and ourselves. I believe that we in this process will be able to balance our human fear of survival, which often manifests itself in unspecified anxiety.

An anxiety that arises from the belief that life is entirely limited by our physical bodies and that man owns and masters life and earth.

However we are here right now in our physical bodies, and to experience our unique existence, there is a natural need to be confirmed more or less from time to time by our surroundings. Life confirmations can be expressed through words, touches, actions, work performances, achievements, in fact any form of external manifestation and interpersonal contact, and it can also arise in contact with nature. There is nothing strange about this need for confirmations, it is our ego's needs, and it lives here on earth in many forms in larger and smaller versions, and each form has its meaningful function in a larger perspective, well it is my impression.

In our search for external confirmations for our existence, regardless of the form, we may forget that we are able to fill us up from within on our own or together with quite simple “nourishment” from the outside. We often wake up to that possibility if we are burned out as human or as human race, animal race, fish race, bird racer plant race. Earth will always survive; it just shakes it self and starts all over maybe somewhere else.

In oneness perspective everything is well and we are all okey in the way we are and speak and do in any possible creative way and in our way of simply being.

Our individual resources and abilities, and the earth's resources and abilities can rarely be controlled from external. Inner listening and guidance with a greater awareness and trust that there is enough for all of us is valuable and perhaps necessary for the survival of the human race.

We might begin to follow our true needs and pleasures wherever we live and cease to compare ourselves with the needs and pleasures of others. It is also a about balancing our fear of survival and taking responsibility for our own well-being and asking for the necessary help from others, and also providing the necessary help to others. From there I think the world opens in compassion and natural care for our surroundings, the nearest and the furthest as a united entity, where we spontaneously and naturally confirm and support each other's existence since it is mutually rewarding and joyful.

Photo, from the movie “ The Untouchable”

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