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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


We are not the only master of our body

It is obviously that we mainly are functioning on the automatic pilot.

We can’t fully control our breathing our heartbeats, our digestion, our thoughts, death and life and much more.

Although as a human race we have become increasingly aware of our own and our common existence we are not able to see and explain “the full picture ”of existence, since we are just a tiny part of it. Further on, there are all the hidden parts, all “the demons” which are there although not always visible and audible.

“The demons” could be regarded as the shadow of human existence that mostly leads to suffering until they are recognised and until we learn to let go of feeding them, in order to minimise and even let go of suffering.

First of all we must be aware of them and know how we are suffering by them, by the shadows.

Sometimes it is easier to look at the opposite polarity and explore transparency and all that makes us feel happy and at peace.

Is happiness and peace a matter of satisfaction of our basic needs?

If all of our basic needs and even more were fulfilled, would we then all be happy and at peace?

What are we seeking outside in order to feel happy inside ?

If we continuously ask ourselves what truly makes us happy and at peace, eventually after having satisfied all our needs, I am rather sure that a longing for being connected remains. Connected with the purpose of our existence, with the source of our existence, and as well connected with other humans and pure nature, since we are here together.

Having realised the longing for being connected we may become more aware of the feeling of being disconnected, and when we feel disconnected it might be that we are feeding our demons, our human demons, all that disconnects us from ourselves and each other.

Anyway we are always connected it is just the human illusion and feeling of being disconnected that makes us suffer.

Many different energies which may take form as thoughts, beliefs, convictions, images indeed any bodily sensations we receive with our perceptive system turns into an image and mostly an illusion of the true purpose of our existence and of our deepest longings.

One of the great human “demons” is the need to prove our own existence.

A “demon” which at the same time demonstrates how useful a “demon” also is, when it is seen in transparency.

This human “demon” leads to a lot of discussion about right or wrong, good or bad, truth or false, best or worse and so forth. Like a choice between either/or and evil and good, not realising that it all is there even inside ourselves. Still it is good to have the experiences and learn from our realisations.

By pointing out differences as unacceptable flaws we may separate ourselves from the opposite polarity and the possibility to become wiser and more aware of our human “demons”.

We are thus feeding the demons that separate us from ourselves and each other and the remembrance of our purpose and origin.

Happiness and peace within begins with connecting with the polarities we may be aware of without.

Then letting go of owing what never have belonged to anyone.

It also implies recognising the harmony of the great nature we are part of, which also is about accepting our death, infertility and the eternal-life-energy we humans are a tiny part of. It surely is some great “demons” to face as human beings.

Along this path we realise that we are far from the only master of our body, there are lots of “demons” in our “house” besides a much greater awareness that are mastering our body and soul.

The glimpses of happiness and peace are the longings that keep on pulling us on this unknown and sometimes rough path of infinity. We are all pulled on our way.

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