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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


The paradox of life

Sometimes I wish that every one in the world could listen to the story of a single persons suffering, I think it would bring a deeper understanding of our common human suffering and how we may pressurize ourselves and each other unconsciously and by this pressurizing the physical body. To me it becomes more and more evident how our unconscious self creates symptoms and how our greater consciousness (the soul) wants to give us a deeper understanding of ourselves, our personality, through our bodily symptoms.

Increasingly many people are experiencing symptoms without any visible or measurable physical changes, and thus it cannot be diagnosed and it cause frustration and concern to many people, and too much pressure on the hospitals.

It seems that we humans are pressurized more or less violently in order to wake up to another reality and understanding of the interconnectedness of body, mind and consciousness, so that we may begin to understand the invisible energies and the invisible symptoms.

It may be pain that occurs spontaneously during the night or visual disturbances that comes and goes or heavily heartbeat and breathing or sudden outbursts of feelings and strange skin rashes. In fact any organ may show up with “unexplainable symptoms”. It is naturally worrying because it is unknown and unfamiliar, and many people seek an explanation and preferably a diagnosis, which rarely exists for the invisible "pain", since it is part of a changeable process, which does not necessarily progress into a disease. They may be goggling it and sometimes they get even more confused an anxious.

"Could it be cancer, emboli or meningitis", is some of the worst-case scenario, which pops up in the mind by invisible undiagnosed symptoms. Merely the thought of it is pressurizing the person and may even worsen the symptoms.

Unfortunately it is not possible to deliver a convincing and final medical assessment when it comes to these symptoms since they are all snapshots of a brief reality. The doctor is simply having a glimpse of an unbelievable complex structure, called humanity. A single human’s symptoms are very much connected with its environment, which is equally variable as the person of concern. The person has become the carrier of a symptom of common human origin.

Caused by many individual reasons, we may react with some symptoms more than others, and in some way become the carrier of the symptom or the problem of a certain family constellation and dynamic. This is about psychological symptoms as well as a bodily symptom, since the head and the lower part of the body is completely interconnected. And this may happen generations after generations, life after life.

However we often chose to belief in soothing small stories, such as: “It has been examined and handled by the doctor, so everything is fine. So it may be in the very moment of examination, and it may be very healing and useful to receive this affirmation. It is much more difficult to start investigating the process of the occurrence of the symptom, like the life circumstances, choices in life, relationships, environmental influencers and much more. It is often troublesome to inquire and it may even be emotionally full of judgements that leads to shame and blame and the intellect itself may also be hindering the process. Further on, each time we describe something and / or seek old explanations, we distant ourselves from what is right here and now.

So what to do? We could relate to what is here and now and listen to the bodily symptoms, and the story that gives meaning to ourselves, even though others may have a different meaning including the doctor. In other words, begin to trust ourselves.

And sometimes we need to let go of control and surrender to uncertainty because we do not know the higher truth, the higher purpose with our suffering and our existence. Surrendering may even be “the thing” that initiates the process of healing and understanding.

We can only take responsibility of what we may have realised we are stuck in and let go of all that we yet can’t control or understand, as we never know for sure what tomorrow brings, and any attempt to do this may bring further pressure and symptoms and even diseases.

First and foremost, it is essential to let go of blame and shame of a body, we can’t control fully. “Body” is in this context understood as the embodied personality. The body, that contains the consciousness, which created the “body”. This is the paradox of life.

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