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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


I just want to know if something is wrong?

“I just want to know if something is wrong…” is a common statement when people have a bodily symptom. They often want further examinations to get an exact answer, so that a specific treatment can be given. The doctor's examination and calming words are not always sufficient, since the gaze of the doctor is not of x-ray and the doctor’s hands are not healing in a traditional understanding. So we doubt and need further proves.

However the examinations may not reveal anything and we don’t get an exact answer and a specific treatment. Still we sense an imbalance and we feel it even better than the measuring devices and long before it is manifested in our physical self, the part of us that can be seen and measured.

Imbalances mostly start long before it becomes physically visible. They arise from within. Rarely we are "attacked” from outside by what we encounter and what we consume, and even if it may happen, it is also a matter of our own way of responding and about all the stuff each of us must work out according to our beliefs and emotional difficulties, so that we can act in true love for ourselves. Head and body, thought and emotion, is completely interconnected. The feelings are felt in the body in different ways from inside to outside. Think of anxiety that may be felt on the skin, in the heart, on the blood pressure, in the breath, in the stomach, in the bladder and the muscles and more. We will not necessarily get Borelia, the flue and malaria although we may be exposed to the microorganism and we mostly live in harmony with the many microorganisms, which inhabit our body. There is rarely an exact answer and a specific treatment that suits everyone, and the effect of a treatment often decreases as we change beliefs and feelings and life environment, so the old symptoms and diagnoses dissolve or may show up in a new way as a subtle imbalance with a feeling of “something is wrong”.

So yes we do feel an imbalance as if something is “wrong” and we often need mirroring from others to clarify what is needed to restore balance in our life. Sometimes it is necessary to relief the symptom in best possible way. If we seek a more precise answer and a specific treatment it is necessary to work on the cause of the imbalance to restore inner balance. And this path goes through ourselves, through body, mind and spirit though we may meet many helpful and supporting people on our way.

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