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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


Creation and Love

From the thoughts and ideas we receive we create, and through creation we manifest our existence. It seems that we create more and more and faster and faster, as if we were non-existent without manifesting,forgetting that the world already existed before our existence.

How the first humans were created is still an unanswered question, although we are increasingly aware of our own microscopic existence in the macroscopic universe from the tiny atom of our cells to the awareness of our thoughts; the thoughts that are the inspiration for our creativities. Like the thought of flying has lead to the creation of an airplane. The creation already began by the thought of flying long before the airplane was manifested. We create through our thoughts, which we receive from a greater ocean of awareness.

What might happen if the mind turns still and no thoughts or almost no thoughts are present? With our eyes open we may see that the physical world and the body is still there, at least for a while. And if we cease to receive sensations and thoughts and stop creating words, ideas, houses, children and what so ever, wouldn't all that remains be nothing but pure awareness ? - The beginning and the end of it all ?

Well, I don’t know, since I am still here, but the feeling I discover on my way to become more and more aware is love. What a beautiful thought to be love and be created out of love.

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