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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


The Energetic Human and Healing

How to explain The energetic human being and the proces of healing to someone who doesn’t believe in it, -in fact why try to explain it after all?

The reason why I want to give it a try is that I wish to explain to my patients that there are other possible ways to well-being when I realise that my approaches are insufficient. Also I have met many patients who tell about their positive experiences with alternative ways of healing, and I have experienced it myself.

Quite logically, it makes sense that we can use many different ways of healing, if we recall that we basically consist of atoms, which can be seen in their solid form as well as wavelengths. So it makes sense to regard humans as energetic beings that emit, receive and reflect wavelengths. Blood vessels, nerve tissue, glands and connective tissue, are all organs, which consist of atoms. About. 60% of the human body consists of water molecules, which are composed of atoms, and if we imagine the transmission of energy like rings in water, it is easy to get a picture of the tremendous energetic transmission that is going on in our entire body on many different levels.

If we just think of sound, heat and light and the way they influence the vibration of atoms, it seems so obvious why there are many different healing ways, such as words, music, touches, images and more and each of them have individual impact on humans. As an example, we may feel the vibrational impact of sounds in our body if we stand in front of a loudspeaker or if we are surprised by an unexpected sound. We may have noticed the healing effect of some warm hands and also the contraction in our body by cold. And conversely, we may have experienced discomfort by the heat from the sun and refreshed by a cold breeze. It all has an impact on us at the physical and psychological level.

There are many different kinds of energies, which can be healing for the body, psyche and even the soul, which anatomically, physiologically and energetically are completely interconnected. Thoughts are associated with feelings and feelings are felt in the body through the neuro-hormonal response. In other words emotions, explained as “energy in motion”, are felt in the entire body in different ways. Many people unconsciously suppress the connection between body, psyche and soul, however sooner or later the bodily symptoms / emotions may appear as symptoms through the neuro-hormonal response.

When symptoms occur, we may awaken by the anxiety of the unexpected and unknown origin of the bodily symptom, in fact the fear of the unknown. The mental image of being separated in body and psyche may dissolve during this process and it may open for new ways of healing and a greater understanding of consciousness and spirit and that body mind and spirit are completely interconnected.

We may also get unconsciously stuck in fear of truly facing this interconnectedness and entirely choose to relieve the symptoms for many individual reasons. Anyway some people heal unconsciously through bodywork or by changing beliefs consciously or unconsciously and through other mystical ways of the spirit. Every way is a way of healing in one way or another, since we can only choose what makes sense to us in a given situation, and we learn by all our lived experiences.

In relation to healing of the energetic human, it is essential to discover that we hear, look, feel and sense with the entire body and not just with our eyes, ears and skin.

Think of the way we respond to a distant sound while we are mentally tuned-in on another “receiving channel”, perhaps while we are in the middle of a deep conversation with another person. Think of the way scary images and thoughts may evoke palpitations, sweat and shortness of breath. The energetic human being listens with the entire body all the time and in many different ways through countless "channels". The brain is just an organ and the intellect is an instrument that tries to bring order to chaos, which is beyond our human ability to understand fully. The intellect serves as an instrument to gain control of the uncontrollable. This urge to control is perfectly understandable, a kind of a human defence mechanism, since loss of control is mostly associated with anxiety and death. So how to dare to loosen up for the these defence mechanisms, which might be an obstacle for healing? There is obviously not a single clear answer to that.

However it is valuable to know an important factor in every kind of healing; it is trust and faith in the healing methods. It could be called the placebo effect, which several studies have shown, can be as high as 50% in conventional as well as alternative treatments, if we after all need to distinguish between the two treatments when talking about trust and faith. And who knows what other studies might discover, when we also know that studies in particular "prove" what the researcher is focusing on.

The essence about healing is that we have to believe in the method and the healer so that healing can take place, otherwise our focus will be directed towards proving the opposite; that it does not work, and the mind will automatically search for errors and deficiencies that might confirm this conviction whereby we may lose our focus on the possibility for healing by the treatment. Just as we may experience all the side effects we have read about before a given treatment. So it is very important to be aware of what we believe and follow our own intuition; our inner knowing, otherwise we work in opposite direction, which doesn’t really bring healing in the long run.

Another important factor in healing is that the healer must use himself and his unique approach or method in a manner that speaks to the other person in the immediate situation. This is in fact the key to healing, and it is about letting go of control by the healer, and allowing himself to become an instrument for the intuition, the intelligence of life.

Anyway, healing happens on several levels so the intellect will never be able to fully predict or calculate the exact effect, either here or now or in the long term. It may be illustrated by the image of two waves, two energies, that interfere and spread in new ways and simultaneously work on multiple levels, not just two or three-dimensional but multidimensional. Thus, different energies are simultaneously affecting a person, because we do not live in a vacuum. The moment we leave a treatment, we are in a new energy field, which has another impact on us.

In writing all this, the controlling part of my mind naturally pops up with this question; "How can healing then be controlled and directed in the right way to cure a specific problem / symptom? ". The answer is blank. Should I try, it would be something like:" Energy cannot be fully controlled because it finds its own ways depending on many external and internal circumstances". A picture of this can be the power of the water and its many unpredictable ways in the fluid form and in its more solid forms like ice, steam and clouds.

Therefor healing is mainly about trust and faith in the healer and the method and in the mystical intelligence of life. Healing may in a way be like a miracle, in the sense that there must be a unique match between the healer and the receiver in other words; an appropriate energy transmission, to the right person in the right situation together with faith and trust in healing. Further, the healer must be open-minded and non-judgemental, so that the healer becomes a facilitator for the healing process and a channel for the intelligence of life.

In some way any healing attempt is a success, even if the outcome may have a different expression / response than expected, because everything is a process of learning by experiencing. Any meeting with another person is an opportunity to learn, no matter how painful this learning may be.

Many different and new healing ways that intuitively speaks to the individual can be used, when we humans are ready to let go of the mind's need to understand and control. In other words; new healing ways that are able to "by-pass" the mind with its need to explain and consider and in a way prevent the belief in healing, a belief that arises from a knowing from within.

Sound, light, images, touch and simply being present do not require words or thoughts. Logically and theoretically, energies such as sound can go very deep and may touch the oldest of our atoms, those we are connected with in body, mind and soul through decades of inheritance in energetic and multidimensional ways.

However, it is still important to become more conscious and aware of how body, psyche, consciousness and soul are connected and how we are influenced by many different vibrations in our surroundings such as words, emotions, images, sounds, smells, light, food touch, all that we meet in this energetic world and which can have a personal impact on our energetic bodies.

Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to our inner state of being; To listen inwardly in silent contemplation every day in one way or another. Simply 15 minutes of contemplation every day may increase our ability to sense and distinguish and make more conscious choices in our life.

Mette Mouritsen, Holistic Doctor and Author of the book "Mindful Medicine"

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