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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


The boundless human being....

may sound scary and liberating at the same time. It is often referred to in a negative manner, as a limitless or borderline person and even labeled with a diagnosis as being a border line disturbed personality.

Unilateralism rarely opens for new knowledge, and if I look thoroughly into myself, completely into the common human soul, then I discover always a touch of familiarity, in all human behaviours. Some kind of common human characteristic, which I always am able to spot and become aware of, at least when there is something I can’t accept and try to distance myself from. Exactly in that moment, I recognise this "human quality" in me, for how else would I know of it? Borders may be crossed because they are not very clear, and sometimes borders are too rigid so they may be tempting cross.

Boundless people like me and others who are aware of boundlesness, without having received a diagnosis, have a special ability to feel and sense another person's state of being sometimes even in animals. This skill can be very useful, if it is used with empathy to understand and support other people, as long as it doesn’t grasp or completely control, at the expense of the other's integrity. And sometimes this happens anyway for the boundless human, without being aware of it, as a defence mechanism against what can’t be controlled. Just like a compulsive necessity to survive in an engulfing relationship or situation that is experienced threatening to one's integrity, and sometimes as a necessity to experience love. For many good reasons it can be necessary to completely engulf and even merge although it may be a fragile solution, for who are you and who am I when I sense you and you sense me?

The difficult thing about boundlessness appears when we are sacrificing our soul, the deeper truth that knows what feels good at the moment in the situation, even when we are frozen in a self-image in a boundless symbiosis. Although it somehow sounds desirable to be one with all, it is still our many polarities as the male and female polarities, which bring laughter, power, sparks and bubbles, life in all its beauty and misery.

In other contexts it is regarded as a quality to have weak boundaries, as when it comes to mediation and reconciliation. Although it can be considered as a weakness if you can’t set your limits, it can also lead to an incredible peace, inner and outer, also without dissolving the soul. In its essence, the soul is insoluble. It is only the ego that crumbles, which can be very frightening to experience, but good to know.

So how do we use the limits? They can, in a gentle way help us to perceive ourselves. They can be very clear and in its extreme, almost rigid, and protect us from attacks, assaults and interventions. And it may be very necessary, indeed vital. However there is also a risk of excluding others and finally become very lonesome in an apparently "bulletproof" and waterproof territory. Like with anything else boundaries and no-boundaries, are questions about both / and in a natural balance.

By acknowledging or recognizing the boundless state of being a boundary is moved, the boundary of judging something wrong and something right.

The boundlessness can only be recognised by the boundless, consciously or unconsciously, and sooner or later we will all experience a boundary.

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