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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


A Way to heal

Here is a simple way to heal, which I use and convey to those who are interested. It is not entirely about myself, so I write "we", as we are increasingly many conscious beings, who let go of identification with a feeling, a symptom, and indeed any role in our life we may undertake or fulfill.

The key is acceptance, which leads to stillness, the greatest healer.

Initially we must discover and accept our current condition in our body and personality as it is right now, it's about acknowledgement.

Basically we don't change actively we simply observe ourselves in a loving light, from our inner core, our essence our soul, our consciousness. The part of us that is loving, seeing and spacious. For many, it is essential to understand the bodily reactions and personality, the psychodynamics, right down to the bodily signals through self-development. It is not always necessary, think about animals, they understand not necessarily and heals anyway.

The simplicity is through experiencing the observer, behind the emotions behind the drama, behind the pain in the body.

The observer is a quiet state of being. In this stillness there is also stillness of the projector that is our mind our individual perception and projection of reality.

To me, the observer is not separate from “the projector” alias the entire body. The stillness feeds “the projector”. Even in silence there is movements, as the quite subtle movements of our breath, we can ultimately recognise by the fact, that we still exist, even if we have experienced a moment of unity or fusion with the surroundings during deep meditation or whatsoever. To me, the stillness is our common ocean, the substance of creation, and the love that willed us and brought us into existence and which also initiates a movement. In this understanding stillness and movement are one. Being and doing are one.

So the simplicity is about experiencing the observer, behind the emotions behind the drama, behind the pain in the body. How our body and personality and the various symptoms in the body are subsequently changed and dissolved, is not known, it can only be assumed, and perhaps observed by various examinations if we wish. Changes and dissolution will always occur, it is simply the nature and pace of life, however the silence remains.

In this understanding "the inner silence" is a simple method of healing, and at the same time it can be very complex, if we let ourselves get stocked over and over by a symptom to be investigated and explained by one or another "analyzer". Even though an "analyser" outside our self cannot find “the error", we are maybe still sensing it. Our observer, our fine "analyzer" records everything, and senses an imbalance.

A useful reflexion I often use is, that if it can’t be analysed or registered by others, it is probably not yet such a serious problem, which needs to be taken action on right now. Whereas some few manifested problems really needs to be taken care of immediately, and so we can do.

The practice is about not getting caught in the imbalance, and returning to the stillness, the observer. It is my experience that by letting go of the need to “fix” a minor imbalance and provide space and acceptance, then it dissolves. It requires patience, practice and determination and often reflections from other people. So in that sense, it is not always easy, but still very simple.

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