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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


Quality and ageing

Quality is when the object of our focus is consistent with our personal values at a given time in our life. So quality is quite individual and changeable.

An example could be the quality of our bodies. In puberty, we were mainly focusing on our appearance, the outer shell. As we are aging and no longer are able to maintain or ensure the same quality of the youthful expression, we may be focusing more and more on whether there is consistence between our inner state of being and our outer life, in fact life in its entirety. This quality cannot be guaranteed from outside, a part from the presence and words and actions, of other people may direct our attention towards our own presence, our own state of being, and the way we live our lives. Other people's personal values, their qualities, cannot provide quality in us, but they can inspire us. In this way the quality in us in our body changes from time to time.

For this reason it is not possible to ensure quality in others, but we can ask about their values, what is quality for them, and support them in their values as far as possible for us. It is in itself a valuable offer.

It is either not possible to ensure the quality of others' tasks and performances, but we have a choice.

We can choose from our own values ​​and ideas about quality. It requires that we are balanced when we choose. And sometimes we are not because we are too keen to follow or listen to the values ​​of others, or perhaps the so-called standard values. And sometimes quality does not matter at all because we are entirely focusing on quantity.

Quality and quantity are often desirable, but "hedging" of them is difficult as we basically cannot control the unpredictable in life, whether in a factory, in a kindergarten or in a hospital. The true values ​​of life simply cannot be directed and controlled.

Nevertheless, quality and quantity are valuable. It is a quality that many people (quantity) know their own quality so they can offer it to the benefit of others (quantity). To me it is also quality that our qualities are changing and developing over a life span and in relation to our own and our common qualities in life.

It is my belief and my experience that by releasing the idea of ensuring quality in others and the search for quantity of outer values, and start working on developing the quality in ourselves with awareness from the heart, the quantity of quality will increase and we will appreciate the true values of life and the wisdom of aging.

It may be good to remember that nobody and nothing can be ensured a particular expression, either as young or as old, because we live and reap experiences that can be seen and felt on our bodies as well as on our surroundings. Aging and patina is a natural process and not a disease.

It may be good to remember that nobody and nothing can be assured of a particular expression, either as young or old, because we live alive and reap experiences that can be seen and felt on our bodies and the surrounding areas. It's a whole natural process to age and get patina, not a disease.

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