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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


Our free will...

From the book " Consciousness" :

We humans often say that we have our free will, which means that we are free to choose, when the opportunity presents itself, and indeed it does almost constantly, even though we might not realise it, because we usually are caught by the intellects conventional way of thinking.

The intellect which is primarily driven by our common socio-cultural norms that often are preceded by sentences such as "I have to", or "I cannot", or "it is always", or "It is never" without even considering another option or trying something different. A black and white thinking that affects us all, and which is characterized by either/or instead of both/and. This way of thinking may shut down for innovation and inspiration from our higher consciousness.

And then there are all the other unconscious choices made by the real "automatic pilot", our higher consciousness, which luckily includes that we do not have to consider whether we need to breathe or not.

Why do we then seemingly have a free will? What makes us suddenly think differently and change direction? From where do we get our inspiration, also the inspiration that comes from the environment? To me it is more and more obvious that our intellect’s conventional thinking patterns are the obstacle to receiving new inspiration, which makes us change direction, and it may in fact be the cause for what we call "free will".

So we have a choice, we just can’t control the consequences of our choices at the long term, no matter how much we take responsibility and fight for it. Hence many of us humans are more or less violently but often wiser thrown back on the path on the track, where we started as a child, where everything that matters is about love and appreciation of ourselves and each other right here where we are right now. In time we may luckily become wiser, sometimes from cruel lifeevents, which are uncontrolable and often happens synchronously in life.

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