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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


A holistic approach to life and well being

As a holistic doctor I see body mind spirit as a unit that is completely interconnected with the surroundings. We are influenced by our environments such as what we eat and our relations but also from a greater a awareness.

Illness and healing arise from within although someone and something may be pushing us from without, and the ways to heal are endless many. The process can be explained energetically and brings an understanding of how, sounds, music, yoga, oil, food, massage, words, nature and more can support us in a healing process and it includes the more common mechanical and physiological approach.

I have stopped prescribing prophylactic medicine and other kinds of medicine that makes humans addicted in a way so that they are in fear of stopping it again, although they still have their bodily symptoms and the anxiety, which the medicine was supposed to relief. I am not against medication, when used for the right purpose and for the right person and it is mainly for acute and transient conditions.

I can explain in a mechanical and physiological way how our thoughts evoke emotions, which are manifested in the physical body through a neuro-hormonal response as symptoms, which the doctors name by their diagnosis as being diseased, which we under great effort are trying to remove.

I have shifted focus. Now I mainly look for what is bringing well being in a person rather than looking for faults and lacks, since I know there is always another happening and a new situation in life, that triggers a new bodily symptom or even the same. Having focus on “faults and lack” is an energy that attracts further “faults and lacks,” and by this the focus of well-being is automatically left behind. I see illness as a message from our greater awareness as a possibility to return to the path that brings happiness, freedom, love and meaning in our life. A path that is independent of our “faults and lacks.”

I know it might be necessary to relief the anxiety of loosing control, the anxiety of dying and even the anxiety of living fully, and it may be in many different ways. To know and realise and relate to the many faces of anxiety is a necessity in order to take the full responsibility of our life in order to choose a path in life with the challenges it brings.

Spirit is to me the awareness, the consciousness, in a human being that makes us able to observe ourselves, and it is the same energy that brings life to the physical body all the way to a single cell. The consciousness of a human being is connected with a greater common human awareness and an endless divine omnipresence, without being able to describe what divine is.

The consciousness in a human being leaves the body with the soul in the moment of death. Where they go to or turn into is out of my human range to know. It is my impression that there is a common human sea of awareness, which we may draw upon when we believe in it and when we really want to know, and when we stop hunting it since it is already here. The soul contains the clarity of our human consciousness and the four quality of the heart that is love, freedom, happiness and meaning. It is all inside us from the first to the last breath...

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