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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


How to prove an ever changing world?

Evidence-based health studies are valued by the method and the extent of the results obtained in an attempt to make them as reliable as possible. There is often a great work behind the many collected data, which is interesting and inspiring, yet they have a limited use in an ever-changing world.

The need for evidence to prove human states of being is based on some paradigms, which are under resolution. It is about the following beliefs:

-A belief that knowing about our own well-being must primarily be found outside of ourselves and predominantly through the experience of others, as through experiments.

-A belief that human states of being can be categorized and regulated by standards, whereby the patient may be maintained in theories and beliefs about the course of a disease, as with chronic diagnoses.

-A belief that experimental observations at a given time in a given context for a given group of people can be transferred to another person at another time during other life circumstances, It is theory, reality is in the meeting here and now.

-A belief that events in life are linear and can be repeated as the one that incident A always leads to outcome B, and a belief that there is a single causal effect relationship. Every moment and every situation is new, and there are often multiple simultaneous influencing causes of suffering and similar to healing.

-A belief that our lives and well being entirely are determined by our genes, the genes that merely are a tool in expressing a human physical manifestation. We have 99.9% genetic similarity with any other random human being. It is the environment, the epi-genetics that influence our genes. All of us may potentially manifest the same bodily conditions with the exception of some few innate ones. The belief in gene determinism may deprive the individual of experiencing life fully and the body's variability and lead to self-fulfilling prophecies.

- A belief that statistical selection is truer than our own choices, and a belief in external values as truer than our own perceptions when it comes to well-being and quality of life. Those who choose to participate in studies have made a choice to participate because they believe in evidence and experiments, it is no statistical coincidence but an example of like attracts like.

The emergence for evidence arose as a counter-reaction to authorities that were mistrusted and who claimed to know by heart. Evidence has been the best offer to bring some answers to people when they are diseased and left in uncertainty and powerlessness. Now increasingly many people know by their heart and seek their own ways and personal needs when afflicted with suffering and powerlessness.

Each of us has our unique physiological and psychosocial universe, which is as changeable as our breath.

Living entirely by the experience of others is to live in a relative reality.

The real reality goes through our own lived experiences.

We get our own bodily experiences throughout our life.

Sooner or later we wake up if we try to live our life through others or entirely for others. Therefore, studies that refer to “normal values” ​​may also be misleading if they do not match our own experiences and bodily reactions.

Standard solutions have very limited application as there is no standard human and no standard situation.

We may be inspired by the personal experiences derived from evidence-based studies and the personal medical assessment, which any consultation is coloured by, and we can also listen to the personal experiences of friends and acquaintances. It is obvious to seek experience from people who have much experience in the field of knowledge and information we are seeking.

Yet we cannot transfer the experiences of others directly to ourselves or to another human being.

Every moment is refreshingly new, though we may tend to hold onto the familiar and what we may find as safe until the ever-changing body and life shows us something else sooner or later.

It is rather obvious and common that we may experience that we are not met and understood by the doctor or another caretaker. It is not necessarily a mistake it is how life is.

In fact, every human contact is a unique experiment.

A trial of how the doctors advise based on evidence-based experiences work on the patient right in front of the doctor. There is always a personal judgement in any treatment, which is personally linked to the therapist you might encounter, this is why some people wonder why they get different answers from different doctors.

The human body is constantly changing with cell decay and cell renewal, which takes place in all organs with the exception of the brain. It is an extremely complex biochemistry and psychosomatic that unfolds every minut in a human body. We are always online and exposed to countless influences, visible as invisible, also after successful treatment of every kind. Just around the corner, as we step out of the door, new, new events emerge, unpleasant and pleasant and they all affect our health.

Life is changeable and complex. It can be liberating and stressful, especially if we want to control it, because we will never succeed in doing so.

On the other hand, we may reassure ourselves that life, the consciousness that brings life to the human body, even knows the way in life if we allow it.

Conditions such as stress and cancer are in a way blessings for humanity, as these states of being show us that there are just as many causes for our suffering as there are ways for our well-being and ways of living.

These conditions are a great personal, social and economical problem so we are more or less forced into a shift of paradigm.

In this new paradigm in health there are many possible paths to well-being, and we have to try ourselves and choose what feels good in our system, while we must venture out into uncertainty and find new paths when we get stuck in life. In this process we can support and guide each other in many ways.

There is not a single golden path, there are many golden ways, and we still need to listen to each other's experiences, and especially to those who have many experiences and explore within ourselves what really works. Such a certainty comes from within and from our conscience. By conscience I mean "what we together are witnessing is true," like when the doctor and patient realise that a disease has disappeared no matter how it happened.

Intuition can be trained every day, and we can support each other through honest feedback. We must accept life's unpredictability and bear with each other and ourselves when we make a step side, since we are all students in the school of life.

We must take responsibility for our own bodily sensations when we discover that we are stuck in them or beliefs or sentiments. It's not the doctor's or anyone else's responsibility. Our human fellow beings may be the mirror of our condition and they may offer various forms of relief when we need it.

At the same time, we can rethink medical research towards "here and now exploration" of the patient right in front of us in order to find out what works for the person. Researches and evidence thus gain a second suitable place, without being a greater authority than the reality and the person who is right in front of the doctor.

It implies a reminder of that every human being is a unique complex entity, under constant influence from its surroundings that it is more or less connected with.

This paradigm shift is in a broader perspective a movement from seeing and relating to the our world as separated in body and psyche, in subject and object, in them and us, in you and me, in culture and nature to see everything as connected and a mirror of each other's existence.

In this new paradigm man knows that inspiration comes from outside, and certainty arises from within, and together they are equally partners in life.

It is a collective human movement from powerlessness and irresponsibility towards a loving and responsible meaningfulness in the individual and common human.

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