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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


Humans and Contact

Inspired by friends and my own experiences and an internal drive for sharing and conveying, I will reach out hoping for contact by these words ☺

Contact is the step from intention and thought and being, to meeting whatever is here and now. In Latin it comes from "contactus", and means " touch". If I continue through my understanding into the core of the word; the word which to some extend are man-made out of a human need for contact, we can contact or touch eachother in many ways:

Contact through words that connect and contact through words that separate and provide a brief experience of contact through reaction (conflict). All with an intention of contact.

Contact through meetings in silence.

Contact through individual and shared musical and other creativities.

Contact through physical touches that can be violent, playful, sensitive, gentle, sensual and sexual.

Contact through expressed and unexpressed emotions that connect or push away or simply are.

Contact through actions, a supportive hand, a teaching and a gift.

Contact through the spirit, in silence, in meditation, in nature, in spiritual fellowships, in what is here and now.

Contact is also love in its many forms given and received through body-mind and spirit.

The earthly human contact forms are not lasting like the spiritual.


Because we are humans with personalities, wounds and trauma, which result in convictions, shame and guilt of the visible, that we believe others may see and perhaps judge, and thus we may easily forget that we are not our personalities. We are much more than our physical body, even though we also are our body-mind as long as we are here. And we are different in our ways of contacting each other and in our personal needs. Some people seek mainly external contact others seek mainly inward. Some people need a lot of external contact others need less, and then there are everything in between.


I believe that it is primarily about acknowledging each other's differences and understand that no contact forms are more right or wrong than others; they all have a personal story.

We can even choose to get in contact in the form and frequency that speaks to us whenever needed as long as we respect each other’s integrity. And we may also let go of contact if needed.

I do not know what else could be needed besides that we all do our best to practice it in words and actions every single day based on our personal experiences and forgive each other, and ourselves when we feel ashamed and wrong cause to lack of deeper contact and understanding for each our our differences.

This is also written in compassion for humans who are living in deep loneliness, perhaps “wounded into deep isolation”, hoping that they will dare to take a "small step" into contact and that we all may welcome every little step in the way we are able to, without assuming full responsibility for other peoples lives and well-being, which lies far beyond our human capacity.

Ps. To find a proper photo I goggled “contact and images”, then I got a wealth of images of IT communication and icons, what I would call a striking contemporary picture of society. So I have chosen a more human photo, which also illustrate contact ☺

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