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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


The Seeker

Humans are seekers that seek in order to understand to gain to achieve and more. A fundamental urge from birth comparable with the will and perhaps equal with the will.

The personal reasons for this urge could be many such as existential needs, psychodynamic survival strategies, spiritual longings and more. Behind the many different personal motives for seeking there seems to be a major force that makes us seek in order to unfold our self and our common existence through the things we create and the realisations we do.

Some of these creations and realisations are made from the mind others from the heart and the hand. All are relevant in order to unfold whatever is. During this process we may be stopped unexpectedly and no matter what may be stopping us, it serves a function; a function of observing, containing and loving all that already is and all that have always been; the pure presence of being.

The seeker wouldn’t be there without the pure presence of being and the pure presence of being wouldn’t be there without the seeker they are one within everyone, so why order to unfold over and over in many different ways.

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