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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


Beyond the personality

I often feel a longing for meeting other people on a deeper level, like a silent calling from the soul without really knowing with my logical mind, what the soul truly is. I will try to explain;

When meeting other people, either in private or at work, and we are talking and listening to each other entirely through the stories we tell, the emotions we express, the way we act and react and the bodily symptoms we may express, we can meet for hours days and months relating in almost the same way about the same stuff, however I often have this longing for connecting at another level, where changes in our relation may happen in a moment.

When quietening the mind and meeting each other in silence in love, communication continues on another level; a state of being that is free of stories of the mind and free of self-limiting images of the body. Meeting each other on this level is an experience of being connected at a peaceful impersonal state of being, and “the experiencer” is no one and everything.

Without being able to explain how it exactly works, these kinds of meetings are very healing and constructive. It is like recognising a core deep inside ourselves, which is always present and aware; an experience of love through the connection with each other and with a greater awareness beyond the personality. The core deep inside ourselves is the soul, the core of our existence, beyond the embodied personality. From this place everything is well and possible with the personality and in between personalities.

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