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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


Consciousness is a formless energy that can undertake any form

Consciousness is a formless energy that can undertake any form.

To me everything is consciousness, my physical body, nature, my soul, my higher consciousness, the many different invisible beings, the invisible spirit, and everything else which is visible in a condensed form is consciousness since it exists in my consciousness and certainly in many others. It is in our consciousness, and so it is a conscious creation, either it is visible or not, and either we are aware of the entire "picture".

With my intellect, I can explain that nothing exists, that we are invisible. There is absolutely nothing, we are simply "pure" invisible consciousness, and in this understanding we are ONE consciousness. It is thoughtful and beautiful.

If I think of myself as a being of atoms, from the tip of my toe right into the tiny cells of my brain, I consist of atoms and even smaller units. Atoms are invisible to the naked eye, and yet I see others and myself every single day.

So, I'm here and I am visible to the human eye, and right now I am a body and a personality in addition to the invisible life-giving consciousness that brought life into the "cloths". Maybe it is also the other way around the "cloths" that brings life into consciousness. We don’t know for sure and in some way it is not really important, if we think of that everything origins from the same place of nothingness or completeness.

In order to live here on Earth, I have identified myself with my "cloths", that is my body and my personality, as they are completely interconnected. Theoretically, I might be able to drop the identification with my “cloths” and turn into nothingness. I might also change my “cloths” and experience another life in a new way with my new "cloths". Well, it might be possible with my personality however more complicated with my body, but I do not know, everything is possible theoretically so why not for real, after all theory is created out of consciousness.

Right now, I know that I live, without having memories of past lives, though I have had several déja-vu experiences, which I believe are related to past experiences from past lives.

I love life on earth and I do not want to disappear into invisible existence right now, although I know it is not fully up to me to make that decision.

I believe that all which is very much alive in its many beautiful and different forms showing up in my formless consciousness as other humans, animals, nature, culture and more are expressions of one consciousness that can undertake any form.

So if we enjoy and love others we are enjoying and loving ourselves <3

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