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Mette Maja Mouritsen
Mette Maja Mouritsen


Faith belief and Knowledge

The world is changing, so it has always been and sometimes faster than others.

A change I experience is a shift from believing to knowing.

I used to believe in what I was told and taught. At some point I was even convinced about what I received from outside was a truth, as if I needed a proof from outside, and not by my own body or through my own experiences.

Now I know that knowing and wisdom arises from within, from what I have experienced and recognized in my own body. By the term “body” I mean the unit we use to separate into body, mind and consciousness.

How may I relate to others knowledge now that I know that my body knows? I know that inspiration arises from within and also from without; from many different fellow human beings from their body, mind and consciousness. I can still choose to listen outward as inward and I can always choose and make another choice. Choices are easier to make in tranquillity free of fear.

A world in change is not about distancing ourselves from “the old ”. It's about integrating the old that can be integrated into the new. It is all created with a purpose and out of a need, and as our need changes, the world changes and perhaps even the purpose of what we create.

Do we create out of the needs of the ego or do we create out of a deeper longing for a deeper meaning? From a longing to be connected with that, which is much greater than human beings. It's probably a bit of both and much more since ego and consciousness are entangled and the world is ever changing, also our own micro universe.

As the tiny human beings we are, we live in faith of “it”; that which created the entire universe, and us even though we have never seen or met “it”, and even if we do not believe in “it”.

We know we are and/or we belief we are.

“It” which is...... is far greater than us although we may perceive and recognise “It” as a part of “It”.

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